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Vehicle Service Chemicals

The Jason Group's range of advanced service performance products is developed to make vehicle servicing a streamlined, flexible process. From flushes and conditioners for radiators, fuel lines and systems, to diesel particulate filter regeneration aids, the Jason Group either already stocks or can develop a technical solution to your servicing problems.

  • Cooling System Bio Degreaser


    A powerful degreaser, capable of removing oil contamination from a vehicle’s cooling system following a head gasket or heat exchanger failure.

  • Radiator Conditioner Cooling System Protection


    A long term protector for vehicle coolant systems, appropriate for all liquid cooled combustion engines.

  • Radiator Flush Cooling System Cleaner


    A non-caustic solution that cleans and descales coolant systems, resulting in improved heat transfer and engine efficiency.

  • T BOOST Automatic Transmission Conditioner


    An advanced automatic transmission conditioner to reduce friction, improve shifting, and recondition seals and gaskets.

  • T FLUSH Automatic Transmission Flush


    A powerful transmission cleaning flush that removes oil deposits and contaminants.

  • Diesel System Cleaner


    An advanced fuel injection cleaner for diesel engines.

  • Fuel Line Cleaner


    An advanced injection and fuel system treatment package for petrol engines.

  • Lubrication System Cleaner


    A unique formula designed to remove old, contaminated oil, delivering optimum protection and cleaning performance.

  • DP Filta-Purge


    Detox4 DP Filta-Purge can be used to physically flush out DPF filters, clearing them of any ash particulate that has not been removed by regeneration.

  • DPF / PAF Regeneration Aid


    A diesel particulate filter cleaner that can work as a ‘liquid spanner’ to solve the problem of a partially blocked DPF.

  • Oil Stop Leak


    An advanced blend of chemicals that rejuvenates rubber seals, ‘O’ rings, and valve guides, reducing leaks and oil burning.

  • Oil Booster 90


    A cutting-edge oil treatment package that reduces in-engine friction by up to 90%.