Your Product, Our Expertise

As your manufacturer we take this responsibility seriously and like to feel that we are part of what makes your business a success. We specialise in relatively small runs of technical product, packed beautifully.

The Formulations

The Jason Group Formulations

The range is enormous. From gun bore cleaning solvents to hand sanitisers, from exquisite wood polishes to diesel anti-gelling compounds. Each are formulated, blended, labelled, and packed on site in Middlewich. Each product may have several existing variations in order to provide you, the customer, with something approaching unique. It’s easiest just to ask, if we don’t have it in our range it’s quite likely we can develop the product, assuming the demand is worthwhile.

The Packaging

The Jason Group filling lines

Aerosols, cans, bottles, drums, the choice is huge. The smallest container is our 70ml hand sanitiser and the largest is a 1000 litre IBC. We can provide lithographed cans, or apply very high quality gloss labelling. Exterior boxes can be plain or printed and can be designed as counter top presenters if your market is retail or van sales. There’s an endless variety of caps and colours, with the only proviso being that quantities required may influence the commercial reality of your design.


The Jason Group Artwork

We are flexible and knowledgeable when it comes to design. You can supply your own artwork that we will advise on, we can create your artwork from scratch in-house, or in rare cases, use outside studios where a design is particularly complex. Good design is always a worthwhile investment. Each can or bottle is an advert for your company, so make it look good.


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