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Fuel Additives & Enhancers

Rehab4 is a range of fuel enhancers built to face the unique challenges of the modern fuel industry. Whether it’s by raising cetane or octane, protecting against component corrosion and wear, or eliminating organic contamination caused by biofuel, this range of super-charged additives succeeds on every front.

  • Rehab4 Flameguard Kitchen


    A synthetic fuel enhancer formulated to improve the combustion and cleanliness of domestic fuels in oil cookers and boilers, or where vapourising burners are in use.

  • Rehab4 Firesprite Domestic


    Rehab4 Firesprite Domestic improves combustion, heat generation, fuel efficiency, stops the oxidisation and ageing of fuels, and dramatically reduces carbon and sludge build up.

  • Nanothene Fuel Lubricant


    A hi-tech fuel lubricant suitable for all engines, Nanothene assists the movement of fuel through the entire system.

  • Rehab4 Firesprite Industrial


    Rehab4 Firesprite Industrial is formulated to bring clean burn technology to the kerosene, gas and fuel oils used in burners and furnaces.

  • Rehab4 Vulcan Gas Oil & Vulcan Gas Oil Max


    Vulcan Gas Oil and Vulcan Gas Oil Max raise cetane and combat contamination issues arising from moisture, sludge and algae.

  • Rehab4 Wax Killa


    Rehab4 Wax Killa is an advanced anti-waxing formulation to prevent diesel fuel waxing at low temperatures. It prevents wax flakes from coagulating in fuel in cold weather, allowing the fuel to flow freely.

  • Rehab4 Glacier Gas Oil Extreme


    Rehab4 Glacier Gas Oil Extreme blends the abilities of Rehab4 Vulcan Gas Oil Max and Rehab4 Wax Killa into a single, frost-beating fuel solution.

  • Reaper Agricultural Petrol Enhancer


    Rehab4 Reaper improves and stabilises fuel for the 2- and 4-stroke petrol engines used in agriculture,
    horticulture, mowing, and gardening.

  • Poseidon Marine Diesel Enhancer
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    Rehab4 Poseidon Marine Fuel Enhancer


    Rehab4 Poseidon Marine Fuel Enhancer creates clean, powerful, low emission fuel from basic marine diesel.

  • Neptune Outboard Engine Treatment

    Rehab4 Neptune Outboard Engine Treatment


    Rehab4 Neptune Outboard Engine Treatment turns basic petrol into a smooth-running, ultra-reliable marine superfuel.

  • Rehab4 Hellhound and Hellhound Extreme


    Rehab4 Hellhound upgrades basic road diesel to top quality retail diesel specification. Rehab4 Hellhound Extreme enhances basic road diesel into a state-of-the-art superfuel.

  • Rehab4 Wildcat 2 Motorcycle and Wildcat 4 Car


    Rehab4 Wildcat 2 and Wildcat 4 are specialist high performance octane improvers. These products bridge the gap between mass market fuel and the needs of high performance or cherished vehicles.