Heating Oil Boost for Boiler & AGA

DualBurn is a universal heating oil enhancer designed for use in oil-fired boilers and AGA ranges.

Formulated for maximum efficiency and ease of use, DualBurn lowers the char value of fuel, protecting against smoking and carbon build-up – and ensuring that every delivery of fuel both burns better and lasts longer. It also works to lubricate the fuel lines, protecting against rust and corrosion.

DualBurn is available in our house branding, or in your company’s brand identity. Why not use your heating oil delivery to remind customers of key contact details or incentives programmes with eye-catching branded packaging?

Efficiency Boost
• Fuel lasts longer & heats better
• Reduces burner strain

Cleaner Burning
• Combats carbon build-up
• Fights sludge deposits
• Reduces fuel’s char value


Extends Fuel Life
• Up to a 2 year lifespan
• Keeps fuel in peak condition


Simply pour 200ml into 1000L of oil. For best results, add to the tank before filling.

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