Lubricants, Dressings and Cleaning Sprays


Aluminium Anti-SeizeAerosol

Eliminate pitting, rusting, thread distortion and seizure cause by heat, with this special blend of heat- stable, long-lasting lubricants. Used in the assembly of various items to facilitate future dismantling, it can be used on many materials including austenitic stainless steel.


This special water-based spray is suitable for use on all forms of welding equipment to prevent the adhesion of weld spatter to work surfaces, nozzles, shrouds, jigs and tools. It is non-flammable, CFC free, and very economical in use.

Battery Terminal GreaseAerosol

Clean and protect battery terminals from air and moisture with this easy-to-apply spray. Prolonging battery life and increasing its efficiency, this fluid also helps to detect battery acid leakage.

Chain and Cable DressingAerosol

Use this highly-tenacious, anti-fling spray to provide a thin film of very effective lubrication, to open gears and chain drives. It is water resistant and has good load bearing characteristics, giving valuable protection against corrosion, wear and salt.

Chain WaxAerosol

Use this high-performance lubricant to provide a long-lasting protective film to your motorcycle chains. It guards against corrosion, rust and wear, and its tenacious, anti-fling formulation makes it easy to apply and highly durable.

Clear Fine OilAerosol

You can lubricate components on intricate mechanisms quickly, easily and more cleanly with this light oil. Its rapid penetrating action makes it ideal for all delicate maintenance around the workplace.

Clear Penetrating OilAerosol

A high-performance oil that is perfect for all your general maintenance requirements in clean environments. It works fast to release seized and rusted components and leaves a clear film of lubrication to protect against further corrosion.

Clear Polymer Chain LubeAerosol

This clear, viscous, anti-fling liquid provides effective lubrication of chains where an unsightly coloured lubricant is not wanted. It performs outstandingly under extreme conditions of load and will withstand pressure cleaning, preventing corrosion and significantly extending chain life.

Copper Anti-SeizeAerosol

Providing outstanding overall metal protection against heat, rust, seizure, corrosion, water and acids, this high- temperature lubricant will not wash or burn off even under extreme stress. It can be used on a wide range of materials including austenitic stainless steel.

Food Machinery LubricantAerosol

Apply safe lubrication to all types of moving parts in areas where incidental food contact may occur. This lubricant is odourless, colourless, contains anti-throw additives. Operates from 5°C to 210°C.

Graphite Penetrating OilAerosol

This graphited oil has exceptional lubricating abilities leaving a coating of hi-performance solid lubricant wherever it is used . It’s an advanced penetrant and will also protect against rust and corrosion.

Industrial Synth LubeAerosol

Preventing corrosion, wear and chain stretch, this ultimate heavy-duty lubricant extends the life of chains locks, mechanisms and wire ropes. It gives outstanding performance under extreme conditions.

Moisture Removal SprayAerosol

Our range of water displacing sprays rapidly removes moisture leaving a fine protective film which also lubricates, making light work of maintenance and dismantling projects. You can also use it for both cleaning and degreasing. Comes in three varieties, with differing characteristics of rust dissolving, penetrating power, lubrication, and corrosion prevention.

Moly Dry LubeAerosol

Specially formulated for use where oils are not suitable. It has abilities that make it suitable as a running in assembly coating on a wide variety of components, particularly cylinder walls, rebuilt gearboxes, bearings, spindles and valves, and is effective in temperatures up to 350°C.

Open Gear LubricantAerosol

Use this highly-tenacious, thickened anti-fling spray to provide a coat of heavy duty lubrication, to open gears and chain drives. It has water resistance and has good load bearing characteristics, so gives protection against corrosion, wear and salt.

PTFE Dry Film LubricantAerosol

Specifically designed for use where conventional, dirt-attracting oils and greases are not suitable, you can use this lubricant in engineering, automotive and other applications. It speeds up the post-application dismantling and disassembly of components.

Rust PenetrantAerosol

A high-performance rust dissolver oil. It works deeply to release seized and rusted components and leaves a clear film of lubrication to protect against further corrosion.

Silicone Spray DryAerosol

This lubricant provides you with a clean, low odour and non-staining lubrication for most applications around the workplace, especially on plastic parts and seals. Its non-toxic characteristics make it suitable for use where incidental food contact is possible.

Silicone Spray WetAerosol

This lubricant provides you with a clean, low odour and non-staining lubrication for most applications around the workplace, especially on plastic parts and seals. Its wetter characteristics make it better for use where a thin widespread film is desired.

Solvent Anti-SpatterAerosol

Prevent the adhesion of weld spatter to work surfaces, nozzles, shrouds, jigs and tools, with this non-silicone spray. Ideal for use on all forms of welding equipment, it is non-flammable, CFC free, and economical in use.

White GreaseAerosol

Highly effective lubrication in areas of high moisture is possible with this premium-quality, water-resistant grease. It is ideal for use in anti- friction and plain bearing pumping equipment, and for the lubrication of most moving or stationary parts.

White Grease with PTFEAerosol

A combination of calcium and zinc based grease with titanium additives and PTFE in an aerosol. It features great resistance to water and heat and protection against corrosion. For use with bearings, hinges, gears, springs & O-rings.


Alloy Wheel CleanerAerosol

A real alternative to hazardous acidic wheel cleaners, this product is highly effective in the removal of stubborn brake-dust marks, but does not damage coatings, lacquers or tyres.

Anti-Static CleanerAerosol

Save cleaning time by reducing dust attraction with this excellent cleaner that disperses static build up on computers, screens, telephones, and photocopiers. The powerful cleaning action removes correction fluid, fingerprints and smoke residues, leaving a smear-free surface. The foaming action causes the liquid to cling to even vertical surfaces you are cleaning, and leaves a non- streaky finish which attracts less dust.

Brake CleanerAerosol

Use this powerful fast evaporating low-odour cleaning fluid to eliminate brake squeal and clutch slip commonly caused by contamination and glazing, as well as to remove stubborn oils, greases and dust from components.

Carb & Throttle BodyAerosol

This strong solvent removes oil, grease and gum deposits from carburettors and injection systems, and you can also clean brake parts and automatic chokes without dismantling. Helps to prevent stalling and smooth out rough idling.

Chewing Gum FreezerAerosol

A highly effective means of removing chewing gum quickly and simply from most surfaces, this agent gets you out of the stickiest situations. By freezing unwanted gum into a hard lump, it makes it easy to chip off.

Cleaner PolishAerosol

This wax-enriched formulation is an effective cleaner with which you can apply a brilliant shine to sealed wood surfaces, plastics, and metals. Suitable for use on almost any surface, except where creation of a glossy surface could be dangerous, such as floors.

Electricals CleanerAerosol

Specifically designed for use in the electronics industry, you can clean and degrease electrics efficiently and very effectively with this alcohol- based cleaning solvent. Suitable for use with most plastics, it leaves no residue and has a controlled drying time. Do not use on live electrical equipment.

Engine DegreaserAerosol

Simply spray on agitate stubborn areas and wash off, to quickly remove oil, grease and tar deposits from engines. Works quickly in almost all other degreasing applications, with this highly effective cleaner. Contains a blend of solvents and detergents.

Foam CleanerAerosol

Cut through grease and grime with this powerful foam cleaner which will even cling to vertical surfaces. Leaving a gleaming surface without smearing, it is suitable for use on most surfaces, including hobs, worktops, sinks, fridges, Formica and most metals.

Glass and Mirror CleanerAerosol

Enjoy streak-free cleaning of glass and mirrors with this specially formulated cleaner. Powerful enough to remove nicotine, finger marks, insects, lipstick and much more, it is ideal for car valeters, hospitals, hotels, jewellers and double-glazing manufacturers.

Glue and Gum RemoverAerosol

Providing an effective means of removing those old and stubborn gum deposits from all types of surface, this spray will also remove ink marks. Helps to clean up those areas you’d just about given up on.

Graffiti WashAerosol

Wipe out the marks left by vandals quickly and easily with this specially formulated solvent cleaner. It is highly effective in removing graffiti from plastics, laminates, wood, metal, glass, vinyl and plastic seating, as well as most painted surfaces.

Pressurised ‘Air’ DusterAerosol

Blow dust away from computer and other areas with this pressurised air spray. Formulated from a special non- flammable gas, it’s for use on computer hardware, disc cartridges, live electrics and hot components.

Rapid Strong DegreaserAerosol

Use this specially formulated solvent cleaner to break down all types of workshop contamination quickly and easily. It removes grease, dirt and oil from most surfaces without the need for subsequent rinsing, saving valuable time and maintaining a clean environment. Doesn’t evaporate too quickly.

Rug & Carpet CleanserAerosol

Remove grease and grime from most types of fabric, including upholstery, carpets and rugs, with this specialist water-based cleaner. The foaming action ensures even distribution of the spray and makes cleaning of vertical surfaces easy.

Stainless Steel CleanerAerosol

Maintain a sparkling appearance to all stainless steel, aluminium and chrome surfaces with this specially formulated cleaner. Cleaning without scratching, it leaves a thin protective film and is suitable for most surfaces with the exception of food-preparation areas.

Telephone SanitiserAerosol

Telephone handsets are an obvious area for build up of potentially infectious germs and bugs. Reduce these dangers with this highly effective, easy-to-use sterilizer, and maintain a hygienic environment.

Thick Graffiti RemoverAerosol

The thickened formulation of this spray makes it particularly suitable for use on vertical surfaces, and it is easily washed off with water. Its slow evaporation rate makes it penetrate deeply to remove paint, biro, felt tip and much more.

Wheel CleanerAerosol

An effective kinder alternative to harsh acidic wheel cleaners, this foaming spray takes off brake-dust deposits grease and oil, but will not damage OE coatings and lacquers.

Dressings & Conditioners

Belt DressingAerosol

Prevent transmitted power loss by up to 50% and significantly increase load transfer on all ‘V’, flat, and round belts with this high-performance adhesive resin spray. Reduced slippage Increases belt life and reduces material and energy costs.

Circuit FreezerAerosol

This rapid cooling agent can aid you in a number of different applications, where lowering the temperature to freezing is beneficial, such as detecting electronic equipment faults, freezing small water pipes, and shrink-fitting close-tolerance metal parts.

Cutting and Tapping FluidAerosol

You can reduce tool wear with this high-performance fluid which dissipates heat and improves machined finish. Containing extreme pressure additives, it can be used on hard-to-work metals including tool steel, stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.

Dash Dressing (Cherry)Aerosol

Bring back a ‘like new’ sheen to dashboards and all other vinyl, polished wood and veneer surfaces, with this pleasantly perfumed blend of cleaning solvents and silicones that both cleans and restores.

Dash Dressing (Lemon)Aerosol

Bring back a ‘like new’ sheen to dashboards and all other vinyl, polished wood and veneer surfaces, with this pleasantly perfumed blend of cleaning solvents and silicones that both cleans and restores.

Dash Dressing (Silicone Free)Aerosol

A silicone-free dashboard cleaner that brings all vinyl, polished wood and veneer surfaces back to a sparkling appearance, leaving a pleasantly perfumed smell. May also be used as a non-staining lubricant for seat belts, seat runners, door locks and hinges.

Hi-Wax Polish & Wood FoodAerosol

This fine blend of waxes, silicones and perfume has produced a very effective polish which leaves a pleasant aroma behind, and is suitable for use on most wood, glass, paintwork, tiles, plastic, chrome and stainless steel.

Mould Release (Silicone Free)Aerosol

Spray this anti-stick film onto plastic moulds to give good release and improve the surface finish of moulded parts. Particularly intended for use in manufacture of parts that require gluing or welding after production and therefore need a silicone-free product.

Tyre DressingAerosol

Make light work of cleaning and protecting tyres with this aerosolised premium-quality silicone emulsion, helping to prevent surface cracks and improving the appearance of the rubber.

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