Fuel Additives & Enhancers

Rehab4 is a range of fuel enhancers built to face the unique challenges of the modern fuel industry. Whether it’s by raising cetane or octane, protecting against component corrosion and wear, or eliminating organic contamination caused by biofuel, this range of super-charged additives succeeds on every front.

  • Rehab4 Retro Fuel Restorer


    A vintage, veteran and classic fuel enhancer and restorer. Suitable for classic car and motorcycle engines designed to run on leaded fuel.

  • Bulk Tank Treatment+


    Rehab4 Bulk Tank Treatment+ fights corrosion, kills algae, and brings fuel ageing to a halt. For long-term fuel storage, it's the ultimate formula.

  • Rehab4 ATAK and ATAK+


    Rehab4 ATAK and ATAK+ is a powerful fuel algaecide, biocide and preventative.

  • Rehab4 Kerosene Lubrication Enhancer


    Rehab4 Kerosene Lubrication Enhancer increases the lubricant ability of kerosene to above that of gas oil, preventing pump failure and seal issues.

  • Wildcat Road Max


    A multifunctional gasoline additive designed to improve every aspect of vehicle performance. Boosts performance, efficiency, & power.